Budget-friendly solutions you can implement immediately
Ways you may be unintentionally counteracting sustainability
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Capture and store carbon...
Address problems like drought and flooding...
Grow food, medicine and habitat...

LEARN HOW to build a LANDSCAPE that will:

Intro to
Climate Action Landscaping


...in any climate and region! 

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because every landscape, no matter the size, can create healthier communities and be a part of the climate change solution by protecting biodiversity, building soil, restoring the water cycle and growing food and medicine.

How you can build health from the ground up


like how to support the ecology of your land and spend less by working with water, building soil and creating a zero-waste landscape without harmful chemical inputs and unnecessary emissions.



including how water is mismanaged, resources are wasted, soil health is harmed and conventional plant selection might set you up for failure from the start.



and why being part of the solution is easier than you may think.



Here's what you'll learn in this FREE online class:

When I was young, I witnessed my parents succumb to serious health issues tied directly to the toxic chemicals commonly used in landscaping, and I've dedicated my life to demonstrating that it's possible to build beautiful landscapes that help - not harm - both humans and our planet.

I started Shades of Green Permaculture in 2008, and have worked to create regenerative, permaculture-based landscapes for residential clients, farms and municipalities ever since. We've designed and built thousands of regenerative landscapes for clients that work to restore the water cycle, build soil, support pollinators and grow food and medicine. And I've taught 14 Permaculture Design Certificate programs along the way. 

Many well-meaning homeowners have landscapes that are unintentionally compounding global warming, and don't realize there are easy-to-implement, values-aligned alternatives. They want to be a part of the solution, but aren’t sure where to start. That’s why I created Intro to Climate Action Landscaping.

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Hi, I'm Brandy!

Brandy M. Hall


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Shades of Green Permaculture is a regenerative landscape design, build and education firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. We're on a mission to empower people to be part of the solution to the global environmental crisis we face

Every outdoor space we create contributes to protecting biodiversity; growing food, medicine, and pollinator habitat; building soil, and restoring the water cycle. Your garden, no matter the size, can have a positive impact. 

Most gardens are designed to be high input systems⏤water-intensive, chemically-dependent, and high maintenance. Instead of toxic, resource-heavy conventional landscapes, we build health from the ground up by transitioning landscapes to become ecologically-sound, healthy ones. Our work is to reconcile the human built environment and the natural world, creating a conversation between the two that is life-giving. 

By building lasting relationships with our clients and students, we empower you to understand and interact with your landscape as you deepen your role as an environmental steward.

from the ground up

we build health

EST. 2008

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"this course offered by Shades of green permaculture has allowed me to dig deeper into learning and appreciating the interconnectedness of nature, and the role humans can play to promote it. get ready to be inspired!"

The concepts and subject matter discussed in this class can be applied to any growing zone, and provide the basic decision-making framework for beginning your regenerative landscaping journey. The actual implementation and strategies you employ will vary depending on your locations and the specific conditions at your site. Regardless of where you're located, you'll learn the fundamental ways in which water, soil and plants work together to form an ecological landscape.

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