Your landscape, no matter the size, can have a positive impact. Whether you want to combat climate change, create habitat, produce food and medicine for your family, or all of the above, The Regenerative Backyard Blueprint is your revolutionary guide to rethinking residential landscape design and management. The only permaculture implementation program of its kind, RBB synthesizes the lessons I’ve learned in over a decade of designing and building complex, permaculture-based landscapes for hundreds of homeowners.

Ready to build health from the ground up?


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the landscape of your dreams 

By the time we’re finished, you’ll understand how to create a thriving outdoor space that protects biodiversity; grows food, medicine, and pollinator habitat; builds soil; and restores the water cycle.

Your garden, no matter the size, can have a positive impact. 

I can't wait to show you how to plan & build

Do any of these sound like you?


You live in an urban or suburban setting and you want your yard to be sustainable, but aren't sure where to begin. 


You are capable of doing some or all of the work, but need direction and help figuring out what actually applies to your scale project. 


You’re ready to plan your outdoor space, no matter how small, so you can enjoy time in your garden knowing it’s healthy and organic. 


You want to grow food, including fruit trees, berries, nut trees, vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs. You want to help conserve and bolster our pollinator and songbird populations. 


You want your garden to contribute to the climate solution, and you’re ready for your landscape to reflect your values.

Who is this for?

Whether you're...

A complete newbie to gardening, but ready to roll up your sleeves with a little guidance;

A planner, who wants to prioritize and coordinate your landscape projects and come up with realistic phasing and budgets for those priorities so you know where to start;

A parent, who wants your children to know where their food comes from and feel connected to the environment;

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how The Regenerative Backyard Blueprint will give you the vision, tools, and exceptional support on your journey to planning and building your resilient and regenerative garden sanctuary. 

I founded Shades of Green in 2008. Since then, our team has grown to a staff of nearly 20, and we have worked with over a thousand clients who are applying permaculture across contexts.

I am passionate about leading a purpose-driven business that actively creates a healthier world for our children every single day. I love seeing my daughter graze on the plants in our yard, knowing they are chemical free and full of nutrients you can't get at the store.

My roots are in building. I earned my General Contractor's license directly after completing undergraduate work at the age of 20, and began training as a stone mason where I fell in love with the way intelligent design responds to the natural world. I have nearly two decades of experience in building off-grid water systems, landscape construction, and integrated farming systems. I serve on the Pine Lake City Council and spend lots of time outdoors with my husband, Aaron, our daughter, and our rambunctious pup, Peanut Butter.

Brandy M. Hall


mama, Builder, Designer, problem solver,
lover of all things beautiful

Hi, I'm Brandy!

photo credit: Audra Melton

An understanding of the climate context and why your decisions matter so you can build your garden in alignment with your values, knowing the bigger impact of your decisions. 

Here are the highlights...

Clearly articulated your project goal, and have a realistic idea of phasing, timeline and budget.



By the end of this program, you will have:

Made a basemap, and put pen to paper to get accurate measurements and map necessary existing conditions, having identified priority areas and elements to include in your plan.


Correctly diagnosed the challenges you face with water in your yard, and know how to manage that water as a resource. 


Spotted opportunities to build soil on your site, and identified which techniques are best for your site.


Made sound choices for plant palettes, have a sense of vegetation types, and know where to go and what questions to ask when searching for the perfect plant. 


Crafted a solid plan for your landscape, with associated material and plant calculations, and have a clear understanding of what is needed to execute your project. 


Brandy and her team shared a wealth of knowledge and expertise that provided me with a solid foundation and understanding of how to implement and cultivate my permaculture garden. I use what I learned daily and rely on the resources they recommended to build upon each lesson. "


"If I could use only one word to describe my experience during and after the Shades of Green courses, it would be empowering.



My experience with learning with Shades of Green is summed up in diving far and deep into the many pools of Ecology and stewardship of Ecology. I highly recommend diving into the materials that Shades of Green has curated for Regenerative Backyard Blueprint, a library of resources in many formats. I loved learning from Shades of Green, because as reflected in the fundamentals of permaculture, the facilitation is a holistic approach, and accessible for many different types of learning styles--from visual, to auditory and lecture based, to hands on action. 


"If you have ever felt disconnected from an active role in fighting climate destruction, you will find many tools here that are approachable activism.




 I wanted to explore sustainable agriculture and learn about native perennials, but it seemed too complex and I wasn't sure where to start. Brandy the process and connected me with some great resources. My backyard is now home to dozens of plant species I was once unfamiliar with!"


"For years, putting shovel to dirt was overwhelming for me.



In order to know where you’re headed, it’s important to understand the common traps people fall into in making land stewardship decisions that have a negative environmental impact. 

In this module, you’ll discover the 3 Key Pillars of a Regenerative Landscape, so your decisions moving forward will be in alignment with the ecoparadise you dream of building! We’ll set you up for success by making sure you have total clarity about where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

Let’s dive deep into the project planning, so you have the path that leads right to designing and installing your dream garden. First you’ll articulate your specific goals and identify your realistic budget, so you know what needs to be a priority, and what you can phase in as time and money allow. 

All great projects begin with putting pen to paper. In this module, you’ll gain the skills you need to make and scale a basemap of your site so you can head outside and start mapping. Responsive design is based on what is existing, so you can work with nature, rather than against it. By the end of this module you’ll feel confident in reading your site conditions and understand exactly what you need to look for during your site analysis. 

Here's what you'll learn...

The Climate Context


So what's inside?

module 2

Discover the pitfalls of conventional water management, and develop the lens through which to identify best water practices so you can use your water effectively and sustainably. 

Identify what to look for when putting together the perfect plant palette for your site, so your plants can be disease free and play many roles within your garden. 

Get ready to bring your soil to the next level to support all the life you’re about to invite into your garden!

Map out your project roadmap, so you’ll know where you’re headed!


module 1

Identify your goals and budget, so you have a crystal clear picture of what you’re working toward for the rest of the program.
Make and scale your own basemap. 

Map out your landscape's existing conditions, so you know what needs to stay, what can go, and be ready to plan solutions for the challenges you are encountering right now. 


In this module, you’ll identify the essential elements for your dream landscape. You’ll learn what makes for a pinterest-worthy outdoor living space, and how your built elements can have a positive impact on the health of your site. 

You’ll consider your various needs that should be accommodated by the design, such as play areas, seating, compost, materials storage, pathways, and more. You’ll determine what is a “must have” and what is an “if there’s space/time/money” item, so you can move forward with a plan that works for you. 

The Built Environment

Identify the things you need to plan for in your landscape, such as paths, play areas, and outdoor living spaces, and prioritize your “must-haves” so you know exactly what to plan and budget for. 

Choose materials for hardscapes and built elements that are values-aligned and have positive environmental impacts!

Create the garden you dream of without sacrificing the aesthetics that light you up!


module 3

Working with water wisely is the backbone of every resilient garden. In this module, you will identify the major water challenges you face on your site, if any, and understand what to do so the water is sent strategically through your garden rather than to where it causes problems. 

Although water follows a few simple rules, it is one of the most challenging aspects to work with in planning and building your garden. We’re going to take the guesswork out, and empower you with all of the tools you need to accurately read your site and determine the right strategy for the job.

Managing Water as a Resource

module 4

Know what it takes to build raingardens, swales, creek beds and more, and when to use them!

Measure your rainwater harvesting capacity and calculate the size cistern you need for your water needs. 

Build a water plan that manages your rainwater as a resource and strategically uses the water exactly where plants need it most. 


Good soil is the foundation of healthy plants and healthy ecosystems. In this module, you will learn tried and true techniques for building soil fertility using materials you have on site. You’ll learn awesome ways to cycle nutrients throughout your landscape, reducing the need for costly amendments and identify the most necessary information to determine which soil building strategy is right for your site. 

Soil Building Strategies

Discover simple methods to build topsoil on your site, and which plants to use to help you build soil fertility. 

Utilize the food and yard waste you are generating to help grow the organic matter in your soil. 

Map out the best soil preparation methods for the different areas of your site. 

Find out how to transition a lawn space without battling weeds for the next decade!


module 5

Now we get to the fun stuff: plants! In this module, we’re going to start with building a common plant vocabulary. We’ll break down the visual structure of landscapes, and the planting layers that build a robust and resilient ecosystem. You probably have more space to grow than you think, when you take into account the many layers of a forest!

You’ll understand what you need to consider when choosing plants, whether native or non-native, and create a plant palette that reflects all the edible, medicinal, and culinary treasures you hope to grow.

Plant Communities

module 6

Map out the different ecotypes on your site, so you choose the right plants for the many spaces you have identified. 

Find out how and when to plant! 

Find the best plants for your garden by looking to nature and a few key resources. 

Discover methods for managing aggressive species, and what they tell you about your site. 

Figure out which type of vegetable garden is best suited for your management style and budget. 


Now that you know how to apply 4 Keys of a Regenerative Landscape to your specific site, it’s time to map out what you have learned. You’ll create a master plan that works with water wisely, incorporates your outdoor living needs, manages your food and yard debris as an asset, and is filled with an abundance of productive and ecologically important plants that serve many functions within your garden. 

From there, you’ll plan out your timing and phases so you know what needs to happen first, second, and third. You will calculate your material and plant needs so you can craft reasonable budgets that take into consideration what you will be able to do yourself and what you will need help building.

Putting It All Together

Draft a scaled master plan from which you can calculate material and plant needs.  

Know how to plan your installation and budget accordingly. 

Discover methods for ongoing maintenance and caretaking, including what task to do in which season and how to maintain water system elements throughout the year. 


module 7

Study at your own pace

Options for every learning style

Grow your support network

Follow a proven roadmap

7 implementation modules showing you everything you need to do to turn your landscape into a thriving, beautiful, and regenerative ecoparadise.

A complete, step-by-step blueprint to identify, plan, and implement your vision including how to manage water wisely, build soil fertility, and choose the perfect and productive plants that will share their abundance for years to come.

The most important how-to videos and construction diagrams of key aspects of implementation, including raingardens, rainwater harvesting systems, hardscapes, soil preparation methods, and planting diagrams, so you know exactly what to do.

The Regenerative Backyard Blueprint 

(A $1597 value)

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get: 

A proven decision making framework, so you know how to read and respond to your site and create a garden that grows with you and your family. 

You'll have access to the course material immediately upon sign up, and each module build upon the previous one⏤so you have plenty of time to dive into the lessons and execute that portion of your project plan before moving onto the next. 

We do this to protect your time, attention, and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most would-be regenerative gardeners in their tracks.

Get your most pressing questions answered in real time so you can get “unstuck” and keep your momentum going. 

weekly Q+A

6 Months of Group Coaching Sessions

6 months of Group Coaching to make sure you get your burning questions answered so you can move forward with clarity and confidence. 

A space to connect with like-minded people who are on the same learning journey, so you can overcome your overwhelm and share insights. 


7 Virtual Site Visits

7 Virtual Site Visits to See Theory-in-Action in Real Time 

Bonus 2

7 Virtual Site Visits, where we will be in the field together, looking at real life examples of the topics we are covering. 

During these sessions, you’ll be able to see actual, tangible case studies, illustrating the mechanics of the build-out.

Help problem-solving any areas you are having trouble understanding, so you know exactly how to move forward. 

(A $457 value)

6 Months of Group Coaching Sessions via Google Meet

Bonus 1

(A $720 value)

Free Guide

Construction + Planting Diagrams

Knowing what to do is just as important as knowing how to do it. This guide is the same guide we use in training our installation crews in the field, where you'll learn exactly how we construct the most vital elements of a regenerative system.

A Guide to our Construction Methods for Water, Plantings, and Hardscapes

Bonus 3

A beautiful PDF guide, with gorgeous hand-drawn diagrams of our top construction methods, including paths/patios, planting beds, edging options, earthworks and rainwater harvesting systems.

Planting diagrams for trees, shrubs, and perennials, so you know exactly how to prepare your plants to thrive.

(AN $847 value)

See real life examples of the things we will be talking about, so you can get your questions answered and understand the mechanics of how the systems we will be learning about actually work.

Every site has the potential to build health for our earth and our communities. In 2019, here's the impact our clients made by converting land to organic management, reforesting, infiltrating rain water, restoring habitat, and of course, growing food!

small solutions

equal big impact


Plus, You’ll Be Backed By a Risk-Free,
14-day Guarantee

The Regenerative Backyard Blueprint is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for urban/suburban dwellers who are excited and committed to create their ecoparadise.

Our experience working with hundreds of clients and students, as well as the curated resources at your fingertips, and the super-supportive staff and community are all here to help you see results. 

By the end of the 14 days, you will have received the Welcome Runway, plus the first two modules. Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to gather your tools, articulate your Project Goal, and define your Project Budget. You’ll have also scaled a basemap of your site and mapped out your site’s existing conditions. All before making a final commitment. 

That being said, if you don’t feel totally confident and motivated to plan the garden you’re dreaming of, reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment.
Full details here>>

money back 


I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with everything I’ll be learning inside the program. Are you sure I can do it?

The course will lay out a roadmap to help with that exact feeling of overwhelm. There's a lot to consider, and I have broken it down into bite-sized chunks, and will be here every step of the way to help you gain clarity and confidence.   

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to gardening. Is this going to be too advanced for me?

No. The Regenerative Backyard Blueprint will begin with the basics, and layer on more complexities as the course progresses. And, I'll be here to support your learning journey for any questions that arise!

Will you be available and accessible to answer questions if I get stuck?

Yes! You will have live access to me at our monthly group coaching sessions, and also have an opportunity to connect with other students facing the same challenges. Additionally, you can ask questions in the course Members Area, to which my team and I will respond regularly. You'll also have the support of your fellow cohort in both online forums. 

I’ve studied permaculture before. Is this going to be all theory, or is there stuff I can actually do?

After teaching 14 Permaculture Design Certifications over the past 11 years, this is the exact reason I created this course. I have seen too many students get overwhelmed by theory and stuck in "analysis paralysis" mode. The Regenerative Backyard Blueprint takes the most relevant aspects of a PDC, combined with the decade+ of working with real clients on hundred of projects, and teaches you actionable, refined techniques you can go out and do today, taking years of guesswork and trial-and-error out of the equation.  

I’m not in Atlanta, where you’re based. Is this going to be relevant to my climate? 

While the patterns of working with water, soil, and plants can be applied to any climate, the water strategies and plant palettes we discuss will be most applicable to USDA Hardiness Zones 5b-9a, or analogous temperate climate zones. 

When I join The Regenerative Backyard Blueprint, will I get instant access to all of the lessons and modules?

We release one module per week, (with the exception of implementation weeks)⏤so you have plenty of time to dive into the lessons and execute that portion of your project plan before moving onto the next. 

I don’t have very much land to work with. Is my space too small?

Not at all! If you steward any amount of space, it is never too small to have a positive impact. Plus, you'd be surprised what you can do in a tiny garden!

Why is the course starting in the fall? Won’t I need to wait till Spring to do anything?

Winter is the ideal time to do planning, so you'll be perfectly set to start planting come late winter/early spring, just when the trees prefer!

what you need to know

Will this class provide us with a certification upon completion?

This course is not a Permaculture Design Certification. As opposed to a theory-heavy PDC (and I've taught 14 of them), this course takes students through a design process AND teaches actionable strategies that can be applied to home scale projects. It is a distillation of the work that we have been doing with clients for more than a decade to take the guesswork out of what works and what doesn’t. 

I completely understand. Every dollar invested is an important one!

You should give The Regenerative Backyard Blueprint a 14-day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:

Still on the fence?

You want to grow food for your family and community; habitat for pollinators, songbirds, and wildlife; and soil and trees to help regenerate the health of our planet. 

You really want to have an outdoor space that is aligned with your values, and that you feel good about. 

You are ready to prioritize your landscape projects, and make a plan so you can start creating your big vision and make a budget that makes sense. 

Empowering you with the tools to make positive environmental impact is my passion.

I personally cannot wait to guide you on this journey...

When I was young, I witnessed my parents being poisoned by the senseless use of pesticides and herbicides, and I have committed my life to creating viable and gorgeous alternatives to toxic and wasteful landscapes.  

In these times, we should take every chance we get to take care of ourselves, our families, and our communities. Being in Nature is proven to increase our health and well-being, meaning more happiness, and lower stress and anxiety. 

I’ve experienced first-hand what it feels like to be a student of permaculture, wondering how it actually applies to my own yard. And I’ve gone on to create a tried-and-true process that my staff and I have applied to hundreds upon hundreds of projects. I am excited to share this framework with you so you can feel confident and empowered to build your vision, and I’m here to personally support you along the way. 

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 13 weeks will leave you feeling confident and prepared, with the skills you need to create your very own regenerative and resilient ecoparadise. 

I look forward to meeting you personally inside The Regenerative Backyard Blueprint. 

All blessings,