This historic Druid Hills home merges tradition and ecological restoration, with ample outdoor space to grow, play, and enjoy. The landscape has a fresh approach, incorporating some traditional southern standards, such as hydrangea and azalea, with an ecological spin, swapping out asiatic varieties with native alternatives. The soil has been repaired through infiltrating water and planting soil-building polycultures. The outdoor spaces beckon to be enjoyed, and the landscape flourishes with lots of fruit and herb production, including species such as apple, loquat, Asian persimmon, mulberry, wineberry, blueberry, fig, plum, and pomegranate.

historic revival

residential portfolio

EST. 2008

When we were brought onto the project, the clients were 3-years into a renovation. The site had extreme compaction from construction vehicles, machinery, and materials. The site was divided by construction fencing, and hardly any plantings remained after such a long and invasive building process. 


site conditions


the garden




Featured images: outdoor fireplace with seating; granite cobble raised veggie bed; secret meditation garden with native plants; grape trellis entrance; low-mow organic lawn meets pool deck; woodland understory; pool, stone retaining wall; pollinator garden; native and edible woodland understory; low evergreen foundation plants with floor-to-ceiling windows; flagstone seating area; path through garden; native grasses and sedums; custom hexagonal cedar playhouses with rope tunnel & climbing wall; edible evergreen foundation plantings; custom playhouse joinery; pervious flagstone patio; custom granite triskele driveway inlay; custom stone fountain.