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Install Crew Member (Full-time)

We do not have any current position openings.

The role of the Install Crew Member is to execute the work order for all installs, under the direction of the Install Manager. The Install Crew Member reports directly to the Install Manager. The Install Crew Member may also report to the Managing Director when on site. The Install Crew Member will be responsible for helping to build permaculture landscapes which includes site prep, water systems, hardscaping construction, and plantings. The position requires heavy physical labor, and the regular lifting of 80 pounds. 

The Install Crew Member is accountable to the following work:

Preliminary to Install
‣Arrive to HQ in timely manner to participate in morning meetings and become familiar with job scope prior to heading to site
‣Help load materials, tools, and anything else needed to perform the installation before leaving the HQ

‣Rigorous physical work in most weather conditions
execute all phases of install as per the directive of the Install Manager 
‣Contribute to the overall system efficiency
execute construction of hardscaping, water system, and planting elements including landscape construction, irrigation/plumbing, stone masonry, carpentry, site & bed prep
‣Adhere to timelines and install standards
‣Provide physical labor as needed within job flow to complete the work
‣Hold team members accountable to their roles and responsibilities

Communication and Job Tracking
‣Enter time and any expenses at the end of each day of installation under appropriate project.
‣Respond promptly to emails
‣Check calendar regularly to anticipate upcoming work

Client Management
‣Defer all client questions to Install Manager
‣Maintain enthusiasm and gratitude
‣All communication with clients is kind, considerate, polite, and professional.

Install Follow-up
‣Conduct repairs according to our guarantee policy as directed by Install Manager
‣Sort all waste and dispose of thru appropriate channels =
‣Water bottles and PPE stored in locker
‣Maintain that the truck and HQ shop are organized and clean

Additional Expectations
‣Visibly wear the Shades of Green shirt while on job sites
‣Wear boots
‣Wear appropriate work attire
‣Arrive promptly 
‣Utilize non-violent methods of communication and interaction when conflict arises
‣Maintain a positive attitude
‣Participate in monthly 1:1 feedback sessions
‣Review and sign the Employee Handbook

‣1-3 years of experience in a landscaping or construction field
‣Compassionate, helpful, and friendly demeanor
‣Able and willing to learn new skills; learning how to seek answers, problem solve or seek assistance to get the job done
‣Comfortable working with a team
‣Flexible and able to adapt to unique situations
‣Access to reliable transportation

Full-time. Competitive salary with healthcare benefits, paid time off, sick leave, and staff profit sharing. 

Email Sydia Bell at with resume, cover letter and 3 references with "Install Crew Member Candidate" in the subject line.