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Permaculture Landscaper Planting Lead (full-time)
The primary function of the Permaculture Landscaper ("Install") Planting Lead (IPL) is to support the Install Manager (IM) to lead the install team on the ground to carry out the work order. The IPL provides on-the-ground leadership and support to ensure that the job is moving forward according to budget and timeline, balancing efficiency with quality. The IPL reports directly to the IM and works closely with the install team to execute the installation of beautiful and inspiring landscapes. 

The Permaculture Landscaper Planting Lead is accountable to the following work:

Preliminary to Install
  • Arrive to HQ in timely manner to participate in morning meetings and become familiar with job scope prior to heading to site
  • Help load materials, tools, and anything else needed to perform the installation before leaving the HQ
  • Brew compost tea
  • Use Trello to familiarize and prepare for upcoming jobs
  • Clock in and clock out on time through the Zenefits app
  • Source materials as needed as delegated by IM
  • Attend weekly EOS install meeting
  • Attend staff meetings

  • Rigorous physical work in most weather conditions
  • Execute all phases of install as per the directive of the Install Manager 
  • Contribute to the overall system efficiency
  • Execute construction of hardscaping, water system, and planting elements including landscape construction, irrigation, plumbing, stone masonry, carpentry, site & bed prep
  • Adhere to timelines and install standards
  • Provide physical labor as needed within job flow to complete the work
  • Hold team members accountable to their roles and responsibilities 
  • Conduct repairs according to our guarantee policy as directed by Install Manager
  • Sort all waste and dispose of through appropriate channels
  • Maintain that the trucks and HQ are organized and clean
  • Layout plants according to design specifications 
  • Lead planting crew during planting days
  • Conduct on site running for materials and last minute supply runs to the hardware store or nursery
  • Conduct punch list repairs according to our guarantee policy as directed by IM
  • Conduct end of job walk-through with client
  • Upload end-of-day photos to Google Drive as delegated by IM
  • Responsible for making sure the job site and install fleet are tidy at the end of each day, and the standards of cleanup are upkept at the end of each job
  • Track completion of tasks on Trello regularly during the workday

  • Communicate with the Nursery Assistant Manager for plant swaps, plant or delivery issues etc.
  • Coordinate with the Nursery Assistant Manager about when plants are needed and when they are available 
  • Coordinate delivery and/or transportation of plants to site with Install Manager and Nursery Assistant Manager
  • Oversee health of plants on site and during plant delivery
  • Maintain a total inventory of plants during plant delivery
  • Keep plants organized on site and staged in a proper location
  • Maintain that the install fleet and HQ are organized and clean
  • Have confidence in making intentional decisions on the spot on careful observations and is able to clearly communicate decisions made with IM + client if needed
  • Clear & proactive communication skills, good people skills and is committed to leading and empowering the planting crew and clients with plant knowledge
  • Experience with plant identification and horticulture practices (required) 

Communication and Job Tracking
  • Enter time and any expenses at the end of each day of installation under the appropriate project
  • Respond promptly to emails and Slack messages
  • Check calendar regularly to anticipate upcoming work

Client Management
  • Able to interact with clients onsite + can defer all client questions to PM or IM if you don’t know the answer 
  • Maintain a positive attitude, enthusiasm and gratitude
  • All communication with clients is kind, considerate, polite, and professional

  • Drive vehicles as needed
  • Pick up and drop off rental vehicles as needed
  • Call and engage roadside assistance as needed
  • Pick up and drop off vehicles for repairs and maintenance as needed
  • Record issues in WhipAround  

Technical skills desired (any or all):
  • Landscape Construction 
  • Irrigation/Plumbing
  • Hardscaping
  • Site & Bed Prep
  • Softscaping
  • Plant care
  • Horticulture & Plant identification

Other skills desired:
  • Must get along well with others and value non-violent methods of communication and interaction
  • Excellent and clear communication skills — both verbal and written
  • Compassionate and helpful nature
  • Able and willing to learn new skills; learning how to seek answers, problem solve or seek assistance to get the job done
  • Comfortable working with a team
  • Flexible and able to adapt to unique situations
  • Familiar with Google Drive, Slack and Trello
  • Strong sense of responsibility and ability to prioritize and complete multiple projects with minimal supervision
  • Extremely detail-oriented and highly organized
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multitask and prioritize work
  • Access to reliable transportation

36-40 hrs/week, hourly. Compensation between $20-25/hour, commensurate with experience. Includes PTO, sick pay, paid holidays, continuing ed stipend, and profit sharing.

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Permaculture Landscaper Planting Lead