Our landscapes build natural soil fertility and create thriving pollinator habitats while fostering native and edible plants. We design around the specific needs and patterns of your land. We provide creative solutions to common problems like drainage, poor soil quality, and high-input plantings, but also to the more niche issues that can arise. Water cycle restoration is the foundation of ecological resilience. We move water where it wants to go and intentionally design diverse plant communities which will thrive in their particular location.

Our spaces are self-regenerating and respond dynamically to environmental forces. Our approach focuses on increasing your lands' ability to infiltrate water by earth contouring with swales and rain gardens as well as carefully selecting diverse plant communities which thrive in site-specific conditions.  We encourage the use of perennial and native species which are ecologically attuned to your local environment. While building soil naturally, native plants also provide pollinator habitat as well as food and medicine. Our work is to reconcile the human built environment and the natural world, creating a conversation between the two that is life-giving. 

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We believe maintenance is love, and we're here to help you feel empowered to interact with your garden. Our offerings include an array of seasonally appropriate tasks. Whether you are hands-off and wanting help tending to you eco-paradise, or wanting to learn side-by-side with our team, we're here to help your garden thrive!

As a design/build firm, we'll help you bring your design to fruition (quite literally). Our team executes all aspects of installation with the expertise and professionalism our clients rave about.

Our process begins with an extensive site assessment to understand the current conditions. From there, we design an ecologically-led system and help you envision the optimum possibilities for your land.

We begin each project with a consultation. During our time together, we can begin to generate ideas, hear about your vision and goals, and refine the project approach into a scope that suits your site, goals, and budget. 







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Andrew + Marcy said

"Your expertise and creativity around plants, permaculture and water management is outstanding. Also appreciate all the ways you guys went above and beyond."

In order to understand your project, what you are envisioning, and how we can best serve you, we begin every project with a consultation. During our time together, we discuss your goals, budget, and priorities. We then look at the site together, and begin to understand the challenges you face and how to best approach the project.

We customize each proposal to fit your needs and budget. The cost of the initial consultation applies toward our project fees when you decide to move forward. 

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We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to working with your specific site, which is why we customize our design process to fit your project scope, needs, and budget. We develop compelling design communications to articulate your goals and vision. Depending on the scope of the project, we adjust the design deliverables so that we have exactly what we need, and no more, to get on the same page and start building. 

Our designs are rooted in the unique language of each site, which we study during our site analysis and assessment. This allows us to work with the innate intelligence of the site and develop planting plans and water strategies that are elegant, creative, and site specific. 

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Once we have a shared vision and set of priorities from design, we will take you through value-engineering to develop budgets and phasing timelines. As a full service design/build firm, we bring projects through installation, that our team executes with vision, care and precision. We extend the same values, courtesy and integrity through the entire building process that you come to know and love during our design development phase. This also helps your bottom line because there is no costly translation to sub-contractors, and you never have to worry that corners are cut. 

Our pricing reflects best practices in the industry, and we give you a set proposal price that doesn't change unless the scope changes, so you know exactly what to expect upfront. Here are some of the landscape elements we implement:

embraces the living world

A regenerative built environment

water systems

soil building


plant communities

earth contouring
rain gardens
bioretention areas
off-grid water systems
rainwater harvesting
gravity-fed irrigation
stormwater management
wetland restoration

worm bins
sheet mulching
double digging
no-till agriculture
integrated animal systems
biomass production

stone masonry
retaining walls
landscape steps
raised beds
trellises and arbors

edible landscaping
ecosystem restoration
pollinator nectaries
songbird habitat
low-mow lawns
veggie gardens
culinary herbs
medicinal herbs
alley cropping
regenerative farming systems


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That's why we call it caretaking.

Long after the installation is complete, we will continue to support you to tend to your new garden. Learning the plants takes time, and we're here every step of the way. Our goal is to empower you to understand and interact with the environment you live within. To that aim, we offer caretaking services to help you feel confident in reading and responding to your site, and to do the "heavy lifting" when needed.

We invite and encourage clients to join our caretaking crew for 1:1 caretaking coaching (reading the site, harvesting, working together) if they are available during our scheduled visit.

Regular caretaking visits may include any of the following tasks:

maintenance is love

we believe

water system + Hardscape Maintenance

Planting maintenance

hardscape adjustments
string trimming
cleaning off hardscapes
irrigation maintenance
rainwater harvesting system maintenance

annual veggies
perennial beds
plant propagation deadheading
pruning trees & shrubs
trellising & training vines espalier

soil+ resource management

collect fallen brush & debris
manage debris piles for wildlife
fall leaf cleanup
manage compost
add soil amendments
refresh mulch

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