Your garden, no matter the size, can have a positive impact. Every outdoor space we create contributes to protecting biodiversity; growing food, medicine, and pollinator habitat; building soil, and restoring the water cycle. 

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Outdoor spaces add infinite learning possibilities to the school environment. Natural settings reveal movement and rhythm, and connect children with food, habitat, and imaginative play. 


Farms and homesteads benefit immensely from whole-systems design. Integrating water, food production, habitat, soil health, and animal systems so they work together builds resilience. Let us show you our work. 

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Ecologically designed landscapes enhance commercial spaces. They tell a bigger story. We have developed retreat centers, beach resorts, tiny home communities, elderly care facilities, craft breweries and more.  


Let us walk you through our process, and inspire you with before and after transformations of edible, beautiful, and healthy home-scale landscapes.


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Every site has the potential to build health for our earth and our communities. In 2019, here's the impact our clients made by converting land to organic management, reforesting, infiltrating rain water, restoring habitat, and of course, growing food!

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