per·ma·cul·ture noun. /ˈpər-mə-ˌkəl-CHər/ 

: an ethical design science and methodology that integrates human activity with natural surroundings so as to create highly efficient, self-regenerating ecosystems.

: It's all alive; it's all intelligent; it's all connected.  

We are proud that Shades of Green is a leading provider of high-quality learning experiences. We deliver crucial training in permaculture, resilience, nature connection, and ecology⏤practical skills that address some of the world's most pressing challenges. ​Permaculture is a design philosophy and practice that applies closed-loop thinking to the management of ecosystems. Zero-waste and intentional planning solves site-specific problems. While working with nature, we gain the ability to become food and water independent and create conscious relationships with our environment. Our work embodies the radical notion that our actions as humans can regenerate the health of the land.

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We offer virtual coaching to clients who are firmly DIYers, looking for a little expert guidance on approaching common conundrums, such as working with water challenges, choosing plants suited for specific conditions, and creating an efficient and ecologically-sound site layout. 

In our time working together, we can help you develop plant lists, provide how-to diagrams for installing certain aspects of the strategies we would recommend, and be a sounding board to hear your ideas and evaluate how they could function.  

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These free resources can get you started on your permaculture learning journey, whether you want to dive deeper into books, learn about local organizations, experiment with planting, or begin to understand your landscape through contemplative observation. 

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