We exist to empower people to participate in the Earth's return to health. We do this by transforming conventional landscapes into beneficial ecosystems.

Through our refined design-and-build process, we strengthen human connection with nature. Our sensitively designed landscapes mean your land can flourish in resilience. We listen to our clients' needs, and we also listen to what every specific site needs, so our actions as land keepers can work in harmony with each individual ecological environment.

When starting out in 2008, our founder, Brandy Hall, drew the name Shades of Green from her fundamental belief that wherever you're from, whatever your background, and however you're willing to contribute to the regeneration of our planet, your particular shade of green is not just important but essential.

Stepping into a new way of living - whether that means committing to growing food on your terrace, or managing a 1000-acre farm - is a fundamental and courageous contribution to life on earth at both an intimate and planetary scale. It's about being in service to life and connecting with your piece of the earth.

we stand for the

living world

we live & work by

our core values

We take our cues from the living world and choose collaboration over competition. We strive to build resilience and fortify biodiversity. Our business and garden practices are rooted in our love for the Earth.



we live & work by

our core values

We choose to always see the humanity in one another so we can be kind, honest, and considerate. We believe in expressing gratitude and sharing abundance. We're friendly, funny, and we love to listen.



we live & work by

our core values

We're flexible, and we cultivate awareness to respond rather than react. Coming from a place of "yes!", we are committed to solutions. This means we stay open to the perfect natural surprises that may shape our work.



we live & work by

our core values

A foundational principle of permaculture is to observe and integrate feedback. We are open and straightforward, and committed to learning and growing in order to be our best.



we live & work by

our core values

We go above and beyond. We are hard working and independent. We have impeccable organization skills, and our follow-through is unlike anything you'll experience in our industry.


our purpose

I founded Shades of Green in 2008. Since then, our team has grown to a staff of nearly 20, and we have worked with over a thousand clients who are applying permaculture across contexts.

I am passionate about leading a purpose-driven business that actively creates a healthier world for our children every single day. I love seeing my daughter graze on the plants in our yard, knowing they are chemical free and full of nutrients you can't get at the store.

My roots are in building. I earned my General Contractor's license directly after completing undergraduate work at the age of 20, and began training as a stone mason where I fell in love with the way intelligent design responds to the natural world. I have nearly two decades of experience in building off-grid water systems, landscape construction, and integrated farming systems. I serve on the Pine Lake City Council and spend lots of time outdoors with my husband, Aaron, our daughter, and our rambunctious pup, Peanut Butter.

Brandy M. Hall


mama, Builder, Designer, problem solver,
lover of all things beautiful

Hi, I'm Brandy!

photo credit: Audra Melton

Rebecca has been with Shades of Green since 2016, and she brings an incredible capacity to listen and reflect with clarity and compassion, in both her role as designer and leader within the company. We can't sing her praises loud enough! 

Operations director

Rebecca Baxter

Aaron, Brandy's husband, has been wearing lots of hats since the beginning of Shades of Green.  As such, he is intimately connected to the pulse of the company, and he plays a vital role as a values-keeper, mentor, and leader of all-things-install.

Chief Values Holder

Aaron Pincus

Jasper brings a passion for learning and precision, which comes through in his meticulous building skill, as he leads the install team with a smile and a pragmatic eye. Originally from the Netherlands, he left a career in public health to pursue his passion for permaculture and to bring regenerative landscapes to life.

Install Manager

Jasper Jansen

Raleigh's expertise is in planning and plants. She joined Shades of Green after working as the horticultural manager of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and her designs are inspired by the coevolution of pollinators and flowers- how certain characteristics of flowers are the perfect match for pollinators. 

Lead Designer

Raleigh Wasser

Roxann is one of those people you can't help but like from the moment you meet. Her dreams of helping others live a more sustainable and simple life has made her an invaluable leader on the caretaking team, as she helps steward landscapes alongside clients.


Roxy Drew

Heather spends so much of her time with plants. In addition to managing all of our nursery stock and sourcing for projects, she manages the Herbalista Grow-a-Row program. She developed a deep love for the Earth while exploring the woods as a child, which only grows stronger as she learns more and more about the healing power of its botanical residents. 

Nursery Manager

Heather Lacy

design team

installation team

caretaking team


Kate Freeman

Caretaking Assistant Manager

Liz Sherman


Micah Slavkin


Arie Remeris

Administrative Coordinator

Sydia Bell


Tyler Covington

Install Team

Alexander Bale

Lead garden caretaker

Anne Stuckey

Caretaking Team

Ashley Harkins

Design Assistant

Erin Hayes


Jason Ramsey

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