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Small Business Gift Roundup

Dec 15, 2020

Staff contribution by Sydia Bell

You deserve a gift! They deserve a gift! We all deserve a gift after the year we’ve experienced! If your mind is drawing a blank when it comes to shopping for a small-business supportive friend or family member — or maybe you are simply looking for ideas on how to treat yo’ self after making it through the last 12 months — Shades of Green has some ideas to share. Our staff compiled the things they are giving (and in some cases what they wouldn’t mind receiving) this holiday season, from local makers and Black-owned small businesses, and other sustainable, low waste gifts.

Make a Mushroom Log!

Wanna give a gift that feeds? Consider ordering some Oyster Mushroom spawn form our friends at Mushroom Mountain and inoculate a log or two. It’ll produce for 12-24 months! A true gift that keeps on giving.



Elizabeth Lang’s Colorful Abstract Landscape Prints + Calendar

Elizabeth left her job to pursue her passion for painting almost five years ago because she believed that to journey into nature meant finding space for peace and joy outside of our busy lives. Whether she is on a hike in the North Georgia Mountains or taking in the views from some of her favorite spots in Portugal or Maui, Elizabeth uses color and shapes. She creates abstract landscapes that convey the beauty and peace found in the natural wild world.



Brown Bohemians Coffee Table Book

This book is just so beautifully inspiring. You can feel the intention and selection of every single image and story honoring the journey that so many creatives find themselves on. Highlighting the perspective of black creativity, Brown Bohemians has taken the vibes and lifestyle of their successful online brand and made that experience more tangible for the masses. 



@27Florista Floral Designs + Decor 

Sasha Fierro’s floral creations are more like intricate living statues that even Edward Scissor hands would have to stop to admire. Her custom arrangements and seasonal wreath designs could adorn the walls of a gallery or your front door and be admired by all this holiday season. 



Self-Care At-Home Bundle

I don’t know about you all, but I would not be mad at indulging in a SELF-CARE SESH before the new year. I’d settle for a bubble bath and some freshly baked chocolate cookies on a Saturday afternoon . . . even burning sage to clear my space. How do you want to feel after you’ve practiced a self-care activity? Relaxed, rejuvenated, refreshed, relieved…these are some of the words I’ve been told. Whether you’re someone who rarely gets to take a moment away for themselves, or you know exactly when and how to prioritize yourself, this bundle will benefit you. Author Lucy Dazilma (@Lucyspearls) partnered with her favorite women-owned businesses to bring you six products that will help you on your self-care journey.


Sudify Jewelry From Nature

Epoxy Resin is having a moment, and Susan, the founder of Sudify, uses it to highlight the beauty all around. Often drawn to the overlooked objects found in nature, she preserves their beauty with a more utilitarian approach and what it results in are stunning pieces of jewelry. 



Adaora Leather Envelope Carryall 

Keep it cute when your wallet isn’t large enough, but you don’t want to commit to a purse. Kel Cadet-Lyons’ Etsy shop Rkitekt [r-ki-tekt] is filled with beautiful wooden beaded necklaces, handmade leather designs from cord pouches to passport holders. All her designs inspire you to connect with elements of the West Indian and African Diasporic culture. We love her use of patterns and how she mixes them so masterfully.



The Regenerative Backyard Blueprint

Our gift guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t suggest the ultimate gift: building health from the ground up. Our new online course, The Regenerative Backyard Blueprint, is the only permaculture implementation program of its kind that not only walks you through our proven step-by-step process we have used to bring hundreds of projects to fruition over the past decade⏤but takes you from feeling overwhelmed and confused to feeling confident and prepared, while honing the skills you need to build the ecoparadise you’ve always wanted. December 17th is the last day to enroll!


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