In coordination with project architect, we designed and installed a resilient permaculture system for this farm and community. The off-grid water system elements included tapping a spring, installing gravity­-fed high lifter pump, 12,000 plus gallons of above­ ground water storage, gravity-fed irrigation system, indoor non-potable water system, rainwater harvesting, and stormwater management. Agriculture systems included production food forest, alley cropping, forest restoration, native plant community restoration, rotational grazing, and extensive pollinator meadows. 

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EST. 2008

This project builds upon an old homestead site, revitalizing over-grazed pasture land. Part of our role in this project was advising on building placement, in a way that could reconcile client goals and positive ecological impact. We conducted a thorough ecological analysis, documenting rare species and forest types to identify the best places on the site to develop without compromising the ecological integrity. 


site conditions

construction complete





off-grid homestead with water resilience

Featured images: design charette with collaborative design team; off-grid barn tower with raintanks for irrigation; locally-harvested locust post fence among buckwheat covercrop; off-grid water system schematic, with gravity-fed spring water, rainwater harvesting, and well water back-up; after tapping the spring we got 40 psi; orienting clients to rain system; mechanical high-lifter pump sends spring water uphill to holding tanks for 65 psi gravity feed to home site (without electricity); building the spring head wall.