Global Growers leases land from the City of Clarkston for the site of their International Community Garden. We were brought in to redesign the farm layout to utilize the abundant rainwater for passive irrigation, and to rethink the orientation of the existing raised beds to make more common growing spaces for the resident farmers.  

Global Growers international community garden

farm & homestead portfolio

EST. 2008

Our charge was to rethink the rainwater harvesting system, and orient the linear raised beds along contour to utilize the rainwater for passive irrigation and manage the tank overflow.

We ran frost-free hydrants for rain-fed irrigation throughout the landscape, making irrigation less time consuming for the farmers.  


site conditions

Phase 1 Construction Complete





community gardening beyond the box

Featured images: contoured swales filled with gravel as paths; contoured swales filled with gravel as paths; forming the swales; community members fashion trellising from found branches; vegetable beds turned on contour to slow water and passively irrigate planting areas; mulched paths on contour between beds; main arterial path filled with gravel functions as a contour swale/path hybrid.