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Zone Zero: How Permaculture Benefits the Home

Dec 17, 2023

While the principles, ethics, and practices of permaculture largely focus on the landscapes we tend, the very nucleus of our work and philosophies begins in the home, also referred to as Zone Zero. It is the center of activity; the place where creativity is born; where the ethics are carried out and the principles of permaculture truly begin. By embracing this regenerative practice, we can create a harmonious balance between aesthetics, functionality, and ecological well-being right in our homes and allow the ripples to expand from the center. 


Let’s highlight the wonderful benefits of permaculture landscaping for your home and the planet.


  • Sustainable resource management: Permaculture landscaping revolves around the principles of resource conservation and minimizing waste. By incorporating closed-loop systems like composting, creatively re-using products, and rainwater harvesting, you can effectively recycle organic matter, save water, and reduce the need for external inputs in your home, making it more self-sufficient and sustainable. For instance, consider the role of plastic in your home. How can you reduce or eliminate single-use plastic? What are creative ways to reuse plastic for art projects or organization? 
  • In the kitchen: Permaculture principles like capturing and storing energy, applying self-regulation, and even producing no waste are carried out right in your kitchen. You can begin to employ those principles in your day to day by preserving fruit, fermenting vegetables, infusing oils, or even making bone broth. 
  • Tending to your inner landscape: Finding a regenerative and restorative way of tending to your emotions, relationships, and inner world is a part of Zone Zero care. Work to strike a balance and dismantle the ways our consumptive and destructive society has influenced how you treat yourself, and you will begin to see the inherent value in all things – especially in the natural world around you. Consider setting an intention for a small space in the home, where you go to check in with yourself and have a quiet moment. 
  • Home design: You can make choices for your home that mirror your regenerative landscape choices. By designing from patterns to details, you can make smart layout choices that serve the function of the family. Using and valuing diversity can help you avoid comparison and, instead, cherish the things you have, understanding that they are uniquely yours and they may even tell a rich story. 
  • Enhanced aesthetics: Permaculture landscaping doesn’t have to mean sacrificing beauty for sustainability. On the contrary, a thoughtfully designed home for function can be a welcoming and beautiful place. With careful selection and a belief in regenerative living, you can create an inviting and picturesque Zone Zero that pleases the eye while nurturing your family and your loved ones.


Incorporating permaculture principles into your home space and inner world is a vital and beneficial choice. Not only will you create a vibrant and thriving space, but you’ll also contribute positively to your own well-being and the health of your family. By embracing sustainability, conserving resources, and fostering inner sustainability, Zone Zero can become a testament to the power of regenerative living and inspire others to follow suit.

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