This tiny urban homestead grows tons of food (even in the shade), making use of every inch with an outdoor shower, natural playground, fruit trees, veggie gardens, rainwater harvesting, pollinator habitat, and medicinal herbs. On this site, the 300-gallon cistern overflows to the front slope, once covered in English Ivy. Now the slope is a shade-loving food forest that includes mulberry, hardy kiwi, wineberry, pawpaw, elderberry, hazelnut, and edible ferns and perennials. 

Tiny urban oasis

residential portfolio

EST. 2008

The soil on this site was so compacted and without organic matter that you could barely dig. The compaction also caused drainage issues at the foundation. The slope was covered in English Ivy, which led to a very pesky mosquito issue.


site conditions


the garden




Featured images: flagstone patio and recycled tile detail; flagstone patio and loropetalum archway; mud-kitchen with rainwater for play; shade-loving wineberry; arbor trellis entrance; many elements in a tiny garden; view from the porch; raised veggie bed, herbs and fruit trees; outdoor shower; willow wattle edging in herb garden (dog-friendly); outdoor shower infiltrates water near abundant native plants; fieldstone edging low-mow organic lawn; cut flowers and organic veggies; 60-gallon rain barrel for mud-play; 300-gallon cistern for rainwater irrigation